Honoring Seniors at Our Assisted Living Home

Guardian Angel Senior Home is a residential care home meeting the needs of seniors who require assistance with daily activities. Loving honor and respect is our motto, and in our home setting, individual care and attention is given. The Continental retirement homes offers all-inclusive senior living options with an active community located in beautiful South Austin!

Seniors Eating

We offer an alternative to nursing home care, which many are finding better meets the needs of seniors not requiring extensive medical care, but need daily assistance with basic care.

Comfort, privacy, security, freedom, trips, programs, and as much independence as possible are just a few of the advantages we offer, ensuring a high quality of life.

Guardian Angel Senior Home
6372 Wicklow Circle W.
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Office: 719-488-2283
House: 719-260-1247

Established in 1996